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Corporate Gifts
Healthcare Products

Healthcare Products


Commod Chair (Foldable):
[DC 675]


Anodized fold able Chair frame is fitted with Fiber commode seat with cover.
A removable plastic bowl with carrying handle is also provided with the chair.
Chair is adjustable in height for the comfort of the patient.
Unit can be dispatched through Transport to your city in India.
Rates include Packing only, Shipment / Transportation charges is payable at destination at actual. 
OR Door delivery through Gati Couriers can be arranged at extra cost.
Price: Rs. 2990.00 each/-


Electric Heating Pad


Ready for instant use for quick and effective hot fomentation. Pad with shock protecting sheath is fitted with electronic regulator for continuous
heat flow at the constant temperature. Pad is 37 cm long and 28 cm wide and works on 220 volts A.C.


Grip Ball
[DC 2847]


Round, soft, squeezable Gel balls for therapeutic exercises of Grip & Fingers, Tension release & Concentrations.
Set of Six Balls in Two colors RED- Soft resistance. Blue- Medium resistance.
Three sizes, a, Small for Pinch exercises. b, Medium for Small Grips, c, Large for Adult's Grip.
Rates for FREE DOOR Delivery through courier.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 990.00 each/-


Moist Heat Pack
[DC 2525]


Suitable for Joints Pain, Cervical Pain, Back Pain & Arthritis etc....

Steam packs are made of strong water absorbing fabric containing special gel crystals which absorb many times its own volume of water & retain for pretty long time. Packs can be applied again & again for moist heat therapy.

Standard size Pack 25cm x 30cm...........Rs. 450/= each
Half size Pack 15cm x 30cm..........Rs. 240/= each
Cervical Pack. 15cm x 60cm..........Rs. 660/= each
Full Back Pack. 25cm x 50cm.........Rs. 590/= each
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 1940.00 each/-


Pain Reliever, TENS
[DC 2631]


Imported, light weight, pocket model, Two channel, Digital Tens, works on three AA battery cells. It utilizes solid state circuit to provide maximum reliability and stability.


- Six different stimulation modes.
- LCD display & amp; digital operation.
- Intensity adjustable to 0-9.
- Two channel output.
- Preset 10 minutes Timer.
- Large buttons for easy operation.
- Maximum output 200 Hz for severe pain.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 3990.00 each/-


Shoulder Pully Kit
[DC 2809]


An ideal kit to increase / maintain Shoulder range of motions. 
Set provides reciprocal, assistive and resistive exercises of the elbow and shoulder. 
The kit consists of One Pulley with Hook Strap, Cord and Two Handles, 
all packed in a zippered carry bag for convenience.
Rates are Ex-factory.
Courier charges for door delivery, Rs. 490/= + 90/= Total 580/=.
Price: Rs. 490.00 each/-


Stretch - It ( Resistive Exercise Band)
[DC 8081]


Stretch-It; resistive exercise bands.
YOU can get the strength & shape you want with our quality exercise bands! 
Exercise Bands are great for Pilates, body sculpting, strength training & resistance training! 
Look through our large selection to choose the perfect resistance bands to meet ALL your & family's body sculpting needs.
Resistance bands enable you to work on specific areas for toning and body sculpting. They are the easiest and most effective fitness equipment to begin with. Resistance bands can take you through a full body workout. They require minimal space and are cost effective. Exercise bands are easy to take wherever you go which makes them great for a trip whether business or vacations. Exercise Bands are not costly, which makes getting toned and fit easy on your purse. 
Set comes in color coded 5 strengths & length of each band 1.7 meter.
Color & Resistance; GREEN-Medium, BLUE-Heavy, PURPLE-Extra Heavy, SILVER-Super Heavy, GOLD-Maximum resistance.
For Corporate bulk purchase we can custom print exercise bands with your Logo, for you.
Rates for FREE delivery, through Courier in India.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 2190.00 each/-


Walk Aid Folding with Hight Adjustment


Light weight, painted aluminum tubular construction, folds easily and quickly. Height of frame is adjustable from 75 cm. to 90 cm. by slipping locking pins in proper notch. Fitted with soft PVC hand grips and shoes.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 1290.00 each/-


Walking Stick (Alluminium, Adjustable)
[DC 3062]


Adjustable in height by slipping spring locking pin. 
Fitted with rubber tip. 
Anodized bright polish finish, with plastic body handle for comfortable grip.
Soft foam Grip covers available in few models. 
(Available in 'U' shape or 'L' shape handles).
Free courier delivery in India.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 400.00 each/-


Weight Cuff
[DC 2852]


Turn daily activities into daily exercise with Wrist and Ankle Weights.

Wear these comfortable wrist weights and ankle weights while you work, walk or shop. With every step, the Wrist and Ankle Weights will provide ongoing muscle resistance to help tone and strengthen arms and legs. Wrist and Ankle Weights feature hook-and-loop closure for adjustable fit. You can buy a full set or a single pair of weight required.
Set of Five weights consists One Pair each of; 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, & 3kg. (Total Weight of Set 20kg)
Benefits of the Wrist and Ankle Weights: 
Just wrap on the comfortable wrist weights and ankle weights, and go! 
Comfortable wrist weights help strengthen arms, shoulders and chest 
Ankle weights help strengthen and slim legs, hips and gluts.
Rates are Ex-Factory. Packing + Transportation charges will be extra.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 5350.00 each/-


Wheel Chair (Folding)
[DC 750]


All bright chrome plated finish.
Folds Easily. Runs Fast & Freely.
Fitted with forward push safety brakes.
Seat and back made of Rexine.
Swivel front wheels size 20cm.
Rear wheels fitted with hard rubber tyres size 60cm and
self propelling rings.
* Special quantity discount rates for donation available on request.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Rs. 5990.00 each/-

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